Axel Ebert


Degree in Psychology, General Management qualification at the Management Academy of the University of Salzburg

Way of thinking

Dare to think.


Organisational Psychologist and Marketing Consultant with an agency background. After graduating: international deployment in California’s Department of Public Health. After five years as a consultant at one of the top 3 agencies he co-founded wortwelt® in 2001 and IDENTITÄTER in 2004 – the Austrian brands for corporate language, corporate culture and employer branding. As a ‘bullshit buster‘, he has been putting popular myths and misconceptions from the consultant, speaker and training sector under the microscope since 2016: in his book, “Bullshit Busters”, he exposes 21 fallacies, half-truths and false interpretations together with Christoph Wirl.  

His clients

A1, Allianz, Acredia Versicherung AG, BRZ Bundesrechenzentrum, bene, Billa, Daikin, Drei/Hutchison, ONE, Haas + Sohn, Hartmann, Knorr-Bremse, IFE, Licht für die Welt, Denkstatt, Erste Bank, LIWEST, MANU, Möbelix, Mömax, PICA, WKÖ, WKS, WKOÖ, Tirolia Spedition, Skidata, klar, Wiberg, UNIQA, XXXLutz, UPC, PRISMA Die Kreditversicherung, Häusermann, ÖAG, WIRO, OMV, Zelisko, ZKB and many more.