Corporate Culture: Is your culture an engine or a brake?


Corporate culture can be a showstopper when digitisation or changed market conditions demand flexibility. It becomes a real brake when people don’t see the sense behind a necessary change. It can also become an engine, however, when a new mindset emerges from the brand and strategy.


Getting to know the culture

We identify behavioral patterns that prevent the company from developing. Using tools such as eigenland®, we hunt for the inspiring energy that makes mindset change possible.

Initiating cultural change

Change requires enthusiasm. As an anchor for cultural work, we develop values and a strong belief. With a new narrative and paradox interventions, we create an interest in the big picture.

Strengthening the culture

The quickest way to unlearn old patterns is to adopt new and more successful behavior. We get started with new KPIs, activating management events and multiplier training.

What’s driving you right now?

  • Digital transformation – how to support?
  • How can we become more entrepreneurial and innovative?
  • Is there a lack of spontaneous communication now that everyone is working from home?
  • Signs of the Great Resignation and Great Exhausting – how can we counteract this?
  • Home office of white-collar employees versus presence culture – multi-class society?
  • How do we achieve a consistent management culture?
  • How do we achieve an inclusive culture in which everyone can thrive?

How do we get started?

  • Culture kick-off: What is – what should be?
  • Board interviews and dialog groups
  • On the track of culture with eigenland®
  • Establishing values and a motto for cultural work
  • Management and multiplier training
  • Leadership conference or leadership jam
  • Developing leadership principals
  • Internal communication with new formats/channels
  • Playing on places of collaboration
  • Work on mindset, skillset, toolset

Delacon: What culture does it need if you grow 20 percent annually?

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