Corporate Culture Jam

The agile annual forum for corporate culture

Agility, innovation and digitalization – somehow we couldn’t hear those words anymore. At least in how it appears lately – as a Damocles sword over people and organization. That’s how we came up with the Corporate Culture Jam in 2017 together with Succuss Business Forums.

What is the Jam?

Neither a conference nor a bar camp. Something in between – very lively, very interactive, with strong keynotes and honest case studies. The most important aspects are the music, the setting and a good portion of optimism for the future.


The next Austrian Jam will take place on 21 and 22 May 2019 in the Brotfabrik. The title: Purpose – Pure? or Pose?
Because a purpose is needed to make teams and companies fit for the future, to overcome silos and to open up common spaces of meaning. Purpose as the epitome of employer branding.

Pure or pose? In employer branding, substance instead of high gloss is required. With appropriate keynotes, honest practical examples and interactive jam sessions, we search for the pure meaning and say goodbye to nonsense that is only pose. Here are the first program insights.

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That was the CCJam 2018 in Vienna

In eventful times, it helps to know one’s own supportive leg – in the form of brand, product, strategy, culture and USP. If this is clearly positioned, the kicking leg can take a new, perhaps unusual step. We simply call this phenomenon OPENING OUT, based on a rumba dancing-figure … that seemed more catchy to us than the usual management term ambidexterity and was easier to dance.

Here you find the photo gallery 2018 and here the program.