Corporate Culture Jam

The agile annual forum for corporate culture

Agility, innovation and digitalization – somehow we couldn’t hear those words anymore. At least in how it appears lately – as a Damocles sword over people and organization. That’s how we came up with the Corporate Culture Jam in 2017 together with Succuss Business Forums.

What is the Jam?

Neither a conference nor a bar camp. Something in between – very lively, very interactive, with strong keynotes and honest case studies. The most important aspects are the music, the setting and a good portion of optimism for the future.


The last Austrian Jam will took place from September 20 and 21, 2023 at the Gabrium. The title: Longing for Belonging? How can work environments and corporate culture be designed to transform mere affiliation into genuine solidarity? Come jam with us!

On September 20-21, 2023, we discussed what Longing for Belonging is all about. Rich in color, we planned interactive sessions and contributions on:

  • Green Belonging: How does a climate-conscious corporate culture impact connectivity and retention?
  • Blue Belonging: What are motivational drivers for blue collar employees?
  • Silver Belonging: What mindset keeps older generations in the workforce?
  • Pink Belonging: How does diversity management pay off for the employer brand?

This was our program.

#CCJ2022 Pickin’ Up Good WHYbrations

The 6th Corporate Culture Jam went down at the Gabrium on September 21-22, 2022. Themed “Pickin’ up Good WHYbrations”, this year we jammed about the Sustainable Development Goals, or #SDGs, and discussed how we can use meaning and sustainability as a booster for our corporate culture and also considered impulses for planet-friendly business models.

We believe in the power of Good WHYbrations: exciting cases, inspiring inputs and lots of humor.

That was the CCJam 2018 in Vienna

In eventful times, it helps to know one’s own supportive leg – in the form of brand, product, strategy, culture and USP. If this is clearly positioned, the kicking leg can take a new, perhaps unusual step. We simply call this phenomenon OPENING OUT, based on a rumba dancing-figure … that seemed more catchy to us than the usual management term ambidexterity and was easier to dance.

Here you find the photo gallery 2018 and here the program.