Why Karin associates Africa with employer branding

Wednesday, 28. November 2018

My colleague Karin Krobath likes to look over the edge of the continent. After all, the trained geographer is not only a partner of Identitäter und wortwelt®, but also a chairwoman of Light for the World. The combination of all these perspectives: She initiates Learning Journeys to Nairobi in the booming Silicon Savannah.

Silicon Savannah? An Eldorado when it comes to digitization, agility and start-up mentality. Africa without the stamp of the developing country, but a continent with 1.2 billion people who have landed directly in the mobile age.

What does this have to do with employer branding?

War for (right) Talents

A goal of many employer branding projects: Attract people who can think digitally and communicate analogously. We don’t have Africa on the radar – unless we recruit for an NGO.

In her first Learning Journey, Karin saw which source of inspiration Silicon Savannah can be for people from the global North who are tired of innovation: “We should look at tomorrow’s talents, enter into cooperations with African universities and incubators and develop exchange programs. The Strathmore Business School in Nairobi cooperates with Harvard, John Hopkins and the Universidad de Navarra – at WU, Africa is still underrepresented among the partner universities:

WU Kooperationen Map

Discoverer culture

The more demanded a talent is, the more creative freedom is needed. Our culture of control and regulation often stands in the way. Africans create what we have already forgotten: they innovate as a matter of course. The people in Silicon Savannah are highly educated, socialized in networks and highly motivated to shape their society positively.

When I listen to Karin talking about her favorite continent, I consider following her on the next trip. What about you?

The early bird bonus is still valid. Until April 30th the price is only 2.600 Euro instead of 3.400 Euro excl. flight.

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Monika Kriwan

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