Transforming culture or rather: please act?

von Karin Krobath • Thursday, 4. April 2024

How many employees do you have in recruiting, payroll, HR development? And how many actively shape the culture or employee experience? Although HR departments are now increasingly called People and Culture, how much priority is actually given to shaping culture?

New positions are currently being created with a focus on diversity management – often linked to employer branding. Diversity is a great tool for shaping corporate culture – if you put the common ground before the divisive and create integrating moments that matter.

But is that enough?

In times of increased loneliness in the workplace and waves of resignation, shouldn’t we consciously strengthen relationships? Not change culture at all, but simply take action? In other words, create the resources for someone from HR to actively shape “everyday culture”. Because culture is like purpose. There is the great North Star – and the daily Milky Way.

Culture is always relationship work – relaxing for too long is not recommended. What do we do naturally in personal relationships (at least at the beginning)? Flowers, little surprises, planned timeouts over the weekend. Later on, hopefully still compliments or an “I love you” in between communication about pick-up times and evening appointments. Good friendships are also exemplary: you think of each other, send a photo that reminds you of a funny or embarrassing situation you shared, or book a weekend in a cabin a year in advance.

These small and large gestures keep us in touch – and within the company, someone has to make them their job, otherwise they will be forgotten or become repetitive and careless.

Successful culture work not only has a key person responsible in HR, but also a network of culture ambassadors in the departments. This allows you to ride the waves and bumps of corporate culture – and, of course, use them effectively in the event of major change processes.

Hornbach would say: Make it your project.
identifire® says: Make it your job.