From Identitäter to Identifire

Monday, 26. November 2018

Von Identitäter zu Identifire

Leaping out of the comfort zone? Is this really necessary? For 15 years 6 protagonists – 3 male, 3 female – travelled around for their clients with great success. They were known specifically as ‘Identitäter’ [‘identity-creators’]. They did good deeds, of course, since they helped companies to pinpoint their true identity. They created brand values for these companies, values that had rough edges and that motivated the right employees. There was always a single objective: to turn employees into brand ambassadors.

The time came, though, when the identity-creators felt they were no longer understood. “Identi… what? Is this the new Avatar film?” one English-speaking client asked. Others thought that the identity-creators were men only, and sometimes they were confused in general – with the bad guys. They needed a new name – after all, the identity-creators were generating interest from increasing numbers of international clients. A long search began.

One day, a friend had a flash of inspiration: Identifire! “No-one is as fired up about brands as you are!” The 6 were instantly ablaze with enthusiasm because this captured it perfectly: people and brands possess an internal passion that radiates outwards. This name hit the nail on the head and they immediately sparked a fiery relaunch – including a black and orange redesign with all the bells and whistles. To ensure it’s visible to all, the former identity-creators now hold Identifire in their hearts.