The “benefitisation” of employer branding

von Melanie Adam-Fischer • Wednesday, 14. June 2023

So there it is: the lavish list of benefits on the newly designed career website. No wonder, salary and benefits are still at the top of the list when it comes to choosing an employer in Austria. At least that’s what the recently published country report Employer Branding Research 2023 by Randstad says.

And to be honest, this list does have a certain appeal. Because if there are offers like a job bike, discounts in retail or even a free membership in the gym, the wallet is happy.

However, once the trial period is over, the numerous benefits are quickly forgotten. Or worse, they become the expected standard.

Then what? What keeps people once the first rush of euphoria in the new job is over? From our many years of project experience we know that people stay if:

  • General conditions such as salary and work-life balance are right.
  • They feel secure and valued
  • They can develop and grow with their tasks
  • They can contribute and implement their ideas
  • They experience good leadership and receive regular feedback
  • They identify with the purpose of the company
  • They are proud of the team and the company’s success.

These are the essential factors that generate employee loyalty – although the order is random. And precisely because the topic is more important than ever, we are putting it in the spotlight this year.

At Recruiting am Fluss on 5 July at Strandbar Hermann, we will show that no match can be won alone – neither in football nor in recruiting. We will humorously demonstrate how you can bring your employer image into the Champions League and score more goals step by step. You will also learn how to create bonding moments in recruiting and how to start retention work right at the beginning.

Our Corporate Culture Jam on 20 and 21 September is about “LONGING FOR BELONGING”. How can we design working environments and corporate culture to turn mere belonging into real commitment? How does a climate-conscious corporate culture affect commitment and retention? What are the motivational drivers for blue collar employees? … and, and, and.  In our workshop “Retention begins in Recruiting”, my colleague Janine Kawlath and I look forward to lively discussions and fresh ideas.

Best regards
Melanie Adam-Fischer