Corporate culture in times of polycrisis

von Melanie Adam-Fischer • Tuesday, 27. February 2024

Some are growing, others are struggling with economic fluctuations, the energy crisis and inflation. Regardless of whether a company is on course for success or crisis, the inner attitude and mindset of managers play a crucial role in how changes are mastered. Challenges such as transformation, the sustainability shift and new work will not be solved overnight. The task of retaining existing talent and key experts in all these phases of change is even more difficult.

Retention management, meaning the ability to retain employees, has become the most important HR topic in 2024 and an absolute necessity. The Handelsblatt Group’s changement! magazine also devotes all 74 pages to this topic in its new, very successful issue. Based on the central questions: What are the strongest levers for retention? How do we create a culture of belonging? And how do positive experiences affect employee retention?

How can we help you to strategically develop your corporate culture in order to get your retention management off to a successful start?

Eigenland®: on the tracks of culture in a hands-on way

How is your culture currently ticking? With eigenland® that’s exactly what we find out – through intuition and experiential knowledge. A large group setting that awakens the joy of games and is fun. Through a mixture of workshop and think tank, we discover what makes your culture unique and find the first important levers for your retention management.

Employee experience: actively shaping important moments

What are the elements that can be shaped in corporate culture? The “moments that matter” in your employee journey? In focus groups, we identify the key issues: in everyday life, in private life, in a change process and, of course, the special moments along your employer brand.

Leadership: the most important cultural lever

Without leaders, there can be no cultural change, which is why we keep asking the question: How does our employer brand lead on a day-to-day basis? Leadership jam sessions, in which brand-oriented and practical leadership principles are developed, have proven to be a substantial contribution to changing leadership culture.

In summary: we are experts at turning “bad vibes” into Good WHYbrations.