Closing recruiting gaps

Tuesday, 13. June 2023

Open positions without qualified applications? Talents dropping out in the middle of the application process? Is it the candidates or the unused potential in the recruiting process? One thing is certain: in the fight against the lack of skilled employees, the charisma of one’s own colleagues and managers is underestimated.

The power of managers in recruiting

Recruiting teams frequently experience despair when it comes to their own hiring managers. Why? Because they do not take their essential role in the recruiting process seriously enough: too slow pre-selection, too late for the interview, or on a call during the interview. These are no-go’s that put people off.

In the two-day Recruiting Base Camp, Janine Kawlath explains how managers can counteract this behaviour, how they can be positively involved in the process and how they can contribute to a coherent candidate experience. Questions about target group definition, good job advertisements, the sensible use of social media and interview techniques will also be answered. Josef Kolbitsch, CIO of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, will add live experiences from the highly competitive IT segment. Melanie Adam-Fischer and Johanna Kitzberger show what is important in onboarding and what role Chat GPT can play in copywriting.

Wide-reaching and authentic: When employees sell jobs

The second secret of success are an organisation’s own employees. If you only rely on classic job advertisements, you won’t get very far these days. Because: This way we only attract people who are actively looking for a job and not those who could be recruited with an exciting task.
The thinking catapult: tap into personal networks for the company. No one knows their own peer group better than people who are part of it. Nurses have more friends in the health sector, IT specialists have more software engineers in their environment and electrical engineers access alumni groups differently than recruiting teams.

Karin Krobath will show you how to use this fact positively for your own company at the 6th Job Ambassador Base Camp. Davorin Barudzija and Helene Schürz-Andrade from Wiener Netze are also part of the event.


  1. a set of slides that helps promoting a Job Ambassador programme internally.
  2. contents for internal training modules
  3. tips and tricks for network building on LinkedIn
  4. practical experience and lessons learned from the Wiener Netze ambassador programme

The big advantage: with this training you establish a recruiting, education and retention programme and take the first steps towards a cultural career. An exciting addition to the classic leadership or expert paths.